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About A Finishing Touch!
Our Company
Serving Northern California, our consultants are experienced professionals
dedicated to finding creative and realistic solutions for long-term lifestyle
changes. We assess our clients’ needs and work with them to create an
organized and functional environment that they will be able to easily maintain
for themselves. You can reach us at 916-747-9292
Our Consultants
Kristi Keddy

    Kristi Keddy has fifteen years of professional experience as
    an operations officer and corporate manager.  She is
    proficient in project implementation, staff development,
    corporate training and national sales and support.   Kristi
    brings all these skills to A Finishing Touch along with her
    integrity and desire to assist people in creating simplified

    Organization and interior design have been Kristi’s passion
    even before she began her career. Through her discerning
    eye and creative ideas, Kristi transforms homes and offices
    into serene, efficient living and working spaces.

    Kristi is a member of the National Association of Professional
    Organizers (NAPO). She has achieved Level II certification
    with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and
    has completed studies in Coaching Skills for Organizers.  
    She is involved in the women’s ministry at her church.  In
    addition to serving her community, Kristi enjoys traveling
    with her family and seeking new adventures with her
    friends.  The glass is not just “half full” in her eyes, it’s
    One of her greatest rewards is witnessing the peace of
    mind and sense of freedom that Kristi’s clients realize once
    their living space is in order and beautiful once again!
    Touching lives with a heart of compassion – that is her goal.
Optimizing the positive features of
your home for a creative new look!